During the couple of years I was not shooting (I call those years the dark ages) I would still conjure concepts for shoots. there was one concept in particular, which was inspired by everyday events, which had a message that everyone needed to hear - and understand. 

The depth of women series started to come into fruition when i began to ask my girlfriends if they could empathize with the theme: society tends to sexualize an attractive woman and in result, her entire depth of her being is over looked.. all of the women whom i questioned are all so intelligent, hard working, courageous, resilient, contain all sorts of talents and full of so much love. Yet.. they all had a unanimous statement: "we are constantly reduced to being creatures of purely sex."

I wanted to create a series that showcases nudity with the hope that when being viewed by the audience, people could consciously look past the breasts or buttox of the girl. instead look into her eyes. ask themselves questions such as: What emotion is her body language showing? What is something that this woman likes about herself when she looks in the mirror? What is something she does on a daily basis that makes her happy? When was the last time someone broke her heart?

the series can be viewed in full by clicking here

2012, Mission district, San FrANCISCO. I come home to find that my camera bag which contained a digital camera, multiple lenses, lens filters, was stolen and pawned in the streets. I was devastated and camera-less. in 2014 i walk into a thrift shop and buy my first film camera. After that, i began the greatest life long journey. 

madison lily for:

The Depth of WOmen Series

taken on a disposable camera

Madison was the first  woman I shot for this series. 

shot on: sx-70 polariod

impossible project black and white film

san francisco, 2014.